Very cool, and thoughtful, mapping web site.

I came across this very creative mapping site yesterday. Benjamin Hennig, the owner, a cartographer at the University of Sheffield, is interested in improving how mapmakers can use maps to better convey information. He's particularly interested in visualizing social dimensions. The map above? It's a screenshot of a 2010 map showing maps participating in the 2010 World Cup tournament (in white; past winners of the world cup are starred) with all countries sized according to GDP.

The site has other interesting maps, including Foreign Debt Holders of US Government Securities (2011), a visualization of population changes in Sheffield (2012), and a map of Global Publishing Markets (2012). There's also a post comparing Hennig's method to conventional mapping approaches, around the issue of refugees, here. In addition to the fact that the maps are interesting, and information pops out at you, each post contains a careful explanation of and referral to relevant data sources. It's a great site, and I intend to continue exploring it. You should, too, but first click on the map below.

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