200 Years in Four Minutes -- Hans Rosling the joy of Stats

Hans Rosling demonstrates beautifully how life expectancies and incomes have changed over the last 200 years.


The Economics of Soccer

You may have heard of "Moneyball," Michael Lewis' story of how sabermetrics penetrated baseball's top management. If soccer is more your game, take a look at "Soccernomics" (2009) by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski. Kuper, a sports journalist and Szymanski, an economist, provide a highly readable account of the economics of soccer, and incidentally illustrate how to think about the effective use of numbers in understanding and managing any field.

Alexandra Bowie Consulting to focus on metrics

Someone once said that statistics are the plural of anecdote. Alexandra Bowie is refocusing her consulting practice to help organizations identify and use numbers to measure services and outcomes. She will help you learn how the numbers your data systems capture can help you understand your organization and improve your operations.

NYC's Administration for Children's Services Update

ACS has updated its monthly Flash indicators through July, 2010. Read them here:


Want to learn more about content rich curricula in NYC public schools?

 Sol Stern's City Journal profile of E. D. Hirsch appears here:

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