Mixed Metro US

Mixed Metro is a site created by researchers from the University of Georgia, the University of Washington, and Dartmouth College to visualize the racial and ethnic diversity of metropolitan neighborhoods in the US using census data. The picture above is a screenshot of the New York Metropolitan area. The site includes a set of maps of the 53 largest metro areas in the US and maps of all 50 states.

Two other interesting features are overlays showing census tracts with high numbers of mixed-race households, and what the researchers call "transition matrices" tallying the numbers of census tracts that changed classification during the decade. The matrices, which are not as successful as the maps, also include counts of the tracts that did not change. Take a look. Let me know if you are better at reading the transition matrices than I am.

The Atlantic Cities blog took the maps a step further, arguing that they show continuing segregation in cities even as the cities diversify.

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