More NY Times catch-up and useful programs

About a week ago, the NY Times ran an article about websites like Daytum and TouchGraph that let you create charts and graphs of your personal data: how many miles you ran or calories you consumed (and where you consumed them). Daytum is free, though there is an inexpensive paid version as well; TouchGraph is expensive. The article also mentions several websites for runners tracking their training.
These are fun to play with -- I always like looking at my friend wheel on Facebook -- and provide more options than Excel charts.

Another very useful website not mentioned in the Times article is Thinklinkr, an outlining program. Thinklinkr is Internet-based, which means you can access it from any computer. It's simple to use, and you can share it with collaborators, with a live chat discussion feature so you can talk about what you're writing. I've used it for everything from travel planning to outlining blog posts.

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