Slideshow illustrating global climate issues

Here's a link to a slideshow, from Climate Central, illustrating a week's worth of climate change news. Each slide links to a longer story. The screenshot above is photo of fractures in the sea ice off Canada and Alaska - and the related story explains why the fractures are a problem.
The NSIDC (National Snow and Ice Data Center) said the fracturing is likely a sign of the prevalence of young and thin sea ice, which can be disturbed more easily by weather patterns and ocean currents, and also melts more easily when exposed to warm air and ocean temperatures during the melt season. As Arctic sea ice extent has plummeted since 1979, down to a record low in September 2012, first-year ice has become much more common across the Arctic, as thick, multiyear ice has declined.
Some of the other stories in the slideshow include NOAA's announcement that February 2013 was the 336th consecutive month in which global temperatures rose above the 20th century average; evidence that wet seasons are wetter and dry seasons dryer, and why the atmosphere has not warmed as much over the last decade as predicted. (No, it's not because global warming isn't happening.)

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