Charts from the new Federal Advisory Committee Draft Report on Climate Assessment

Climate Central has pulled out five important charts from the draft climate assessment report released in January by the National Climate Assessment Development Advisory Committee. That's a screenshot of one of them, above.
The report, which is the first since 2009 to systematically examine the effects of global warming on the U.S., bolsters some of the conclusions of the previous report and cites new findings showing that the country is already experiencing a wide range of disruptive impacts from global warming, primarily through the changing frequency and severity of weather extremes.
Take a look at the Executive Summary, available either on the Climate Central link, above, or through the committee's website, linked below. Here's one short example, from Table 1.1: Regional Observations of Climate Change:
Northeast: Heat waves, coastal flooding due to sea level rise and storm surge, and river flooding due to more extreme precipitation events are affection communities in the region. . .
Southwest: Drought and increased warming have fostered wildfires and increased competition for scarce water resources for people and ecosystems.
You can download the full report, and comment on it, here. The comment period is open until April 14, 2013. Take a look at the executive summary - it will be something to do over the weekend if we really do get the (massive, climate change influenced?) blizzard being predicted.

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