Still don't believe it's getting warmer?

We're in the midst of yet another heat wave, with all-time high temperature records set over the weekend in Georgia and Tennessee; cities in North Carolina tied their all-time temperature records. And the temperatures are high. Here's how Andrew Freedman of Climate Central describes them:
Atlanta set an all-time high temperature record on Saturday of 106°F, beating the old record of 105°F set in 1980. Columbus, GA also set an all-time record, with 106°F, beating the record of 105°F set on June 29, and Macon, GA tied its all-time high of 108°F, which was last observed in 1980, according to the National Weather Service.

Several locations in Tennessee also set all-time record highs on Saturday. Knoxville set an all-time record high of 105°F, breaking the previous mark of 104°F set in 1930. Tri-cities broke their all-time high temperature record of 102 when the temperature reached 103°F.

And yes, the change is expected to be long-term. Here's a map, also from Climate Central, showing the changes we can expect in US planting zones over the next 30 years.

 That's pretty substantial.

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