Food + Tech and Effective Ways of Communicating Information

Last week I attended a panel discussion at the New York Food Book Fair; the panel included Danielle Gould, founder of a website called Food + Tech Connect. Food +Tech Connect connects food producers and providers with tech innovators, using technology to make food-related data accessible. The website gathers news, identifies trends, holds hackathons to encourage innovation, and conveys information. Lots of it, in lots of ways. Anyone interested in food, or data (and both!) should check it out.

Food + Tech connect develops infographics, schematic statements explaining data and conclusions drawn from it. The illustration at the top is a screenshot of part of the infographic "Carbs are Killing You! Why Eating Fat Doesn't Make You Fat." It's a great way to convey complex information so that it can be absorbed easily. Check out some of the others, like "Mapping the Satiety of Food."

Keep an eye on the blog, too. Here's Danielle's post describing a mini-webcam that photographs a meal of ramen noodles and gummy bears as it proceeds through the digestive tract (anyone remember Isaac Asimov's novel Fantastic Voyage or the 1966 movie starring Raquel Welch?). I've embedded the video, from YouTube. Watch it - you will never eat ramen again.

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