Open data, gathered at one site

The US Government's open data site,, subject of an earlier post, now links to open data sites from foreign countries, states, and local governments. Even though the data provided by different governments are a mixed bag, it's a very useful site. Colorado, for example, has a beautiful photograph illustrating its site, and provides a collection that includes Colorado hospitals, private schools in Colorado, and the Colorado lottery numbers.

New York State's link take you to the State Senate data set, which might be fun to explore - one dataset that I downloaded is the NY Senate web analytics, which lists the number of Facebook fans each Senator (with a Facebook presence) has. New York City provides nearly 1000 datasets, including the average SAT scores of 2010 high school seniors in the city's public schools. Indiana's link - yes, I tried it - doesn't load properly.

Of the international datasets, Australia's is pretty great. It includes a link to apps that developers have created from the data. The screenshot at the top? That's a pretty important one.

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