Australian Open tennis; grunting update

Lots of chatter among Australian Open commentators about the noise tennis players make while they play, and two shriekers have made it to the women's final. The noise has got to be a distraction, making a player unable to hear the sound the grunting player's racquet makes striking the ball, something that can tell you a lot. But the players seem not to mind so much, as the NY Times reports. The story says:
Asked about the issue of grunting in women’s tennis, the retired five-time major champion Martina Hingis said in a news conference: “If you keep winning, you don’t think about it. The moment you’re losing, it’s probably more distracting.”
Here's an earlier post raising the issue. No new studies, but I will watch for them. And there's lots of information out there about tennis match statistics; I'll be exploring that in a later post.

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