Baseball - and other sport - infographics

Run, don't walk, over to Craig Robinson's wonderful infographics site Flip Flop Fly Ball. (No, he's not related to the president, he's an English artist living in Mexico.) Here's a screen shot of one reason to take a look:

and another:
There's lots more there, mostly but not entirely about baseball. Slate, where I learned about this guy, (though I did see his graphics in the NY Times Magazine a week or so ago) calls it "the greatest baseball infographics ever made." I think it's probably the best sports infographics ever. Check out the graph of marathon times run at the pace of shorter distances. Or the dimensions of different kinds of football fields. Or of different kinds of balls (that one is too wide to fit into a screen shot). And hunt around for the key to the site's logo, it's worth finding. Let me know your favorites, and why, in the comments.

Craig Robinson has just produced a book, "Flip Flop Fly Ball." More to come.

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