Useful or not?

The Huffington Post has just started publishing a new weekly column called "Numbered: The Week's Must-See Tech Stats." It's here. It includes comparisons like the number of kindle ebooks Amazon has sold per 100 paperbacks (115): definitely interesting, but it's not clear what's included. As one of the commenters pointed out, are the free ebooks Amazon has given away included? But the presentation, a series of slides you click through, is really good, and since it's on a gridded background, it looks, well numbered.

UPDATE February 7: The New York Times ran an article in yesterday's Style section about another of the statistics HuffPo mentioned, relationship status changes on Facebook. The Times article is here; (yes, it's called Weddings but it's really about the numbers). It offers plenty of reasons why people might change their relationship status. And of course, one question for the original poster is "what status are people changing from"?

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